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Top 10 Best Earphones with Mic under 1000 [Sep 2017]

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Earphones with mic under 1000 ?!

Everyone loves music. Listening to good music relaxes us and takes us to another world. For some, music is life. Imagine listening to your favorite song in the movie theater. It’s such a good feeling. Earphones does not give you that feeling though. But there are quite a few earphones which are very good, in fact there are some excellent earphones with mic under 1000.

Earphones nowadays are available for a wide range of price tags , ranging from as low as Rs 200 to a whopping Rs 20,000. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to experience good music though. There are some popular brands like Sennheiser, 1MORE, Sony and many other offering excellent earphones with under 1000.

If you are one of them looking for the best earphones with mic under 1000 , consider checking out this list.


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Featured Earphones

Check out these stunning All Star(🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟) rated earphones TAGGA SoundGear 500 Dual Driver (₹1499) and TAGG Symphony X150 (₹1099)

Tagga_earphones with mic under 1000            Tagg Symphony_earphones with mic under 1000




Note :- *Prices mentioned may vary by a small range*


Earphones with Mic under 1000


#1.House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB In-Ear Headphones.

HOM_earphones with mic under 1000

  • These Earphones are very durable ,sound is amazing and bass is good. The best part abouth these earphones are ofcourse its superior build quality and stylish looks. The nylon wires are worth mentioning.
  • These produce natural sound  & very detailed. Near soundstage experience. Doesn’t get tangled very easily unlike other earphones which is a very good thing.
  • I have personally owned the product its awesome .

Price – Rs 999

Available Colours – Black , Blue, Copper, Midnight, Mint (All colours are priced different, black being the cheapest)

Pros :

  • Very durable
  • Tangle free
  • 2 years warranty


  • No cons, such an awesome product

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#2. 1MORE PISTON FIT Premium In-Ear With Mic


  • The all new premium audio company, 1MORE aims to bring premium audio quality and engineering, to your ears, without having you break your bank.
  • These are stylish In-Ear earphones that have been designed to deliver  high quality sound with great comfort.
  • Very good product for serious music listeners and for travellers using for long hours.
  • We couldn’t find any downside for this product considering its value for money.

Price – Rs 999

Available Colours – Black, Rose gold, Blue

Pros :

  • High In Ear comfort, Comes with one button mic for calls and play/pause
  • Good build quality.


  • No cons considering the price and value for money

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#3. TAGG Symphony X150

Tagg_earphones with mic under 1000


  • TAGG is on of the popular earphone brand entered recently in India
  • The ear tips are made of wood and are very comfortable to the ears. These earphones produce powerfull bass and crystal clear sound.
  • It comes with a single-button inline remote with inbuilt microphone. The button allows you to answer calls and switch between songs when the headphones are connected to your phone. It’s also come with three size soft plugs that offer optimal comfort.
  • These are light weight and tangle free. Cables are made of unique material

Price – Rs 1099 (Varies from 700 – 800 )

Available Colours – Brown/Black

Pros :

  • Superior sound, with good bass
  • One-button universal remote with mic, to answer calls and play-pause music
  • Stylish and light-weight



  • No cons considering the value for money


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#4. SkullCandy Ink’d 2 Earphone with Mic

SC_earphones with mic under 1000

  • SkullCandy is one of the most popular brands whwn it comes to earphones and headphones. But it doesn’t offer much under Rs1000 category. This one is different and produces high quality music experience.
  • This one is currently Rs999 and comes with flat wire which is good and doesn’t get tangled easily. It comes with black and white color options.
  • Sound is really high and it is best for laptop movie experience too.

Price – Rs 999

Pros :

  • High quality sound, good bass
  • Flat wires so that it doesn’t get tangled.


  • No cons. (The only skull candy earphones under R1000 with no downside)

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#5. JBL T-100A In Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)

 JBL_earphones with mic under 1000

  • This is the second JBL earphones in this list and it deserves to be here in the top 10 earphones list with mic. It looks premium with a glossy finish and JBI branding on both sides.
  • Sound and call quality are perfect and the inbuilt mic button can also be used for play/pause music. It comes with 3 sizes of earbuds which are very comfortable.
  • The earphone itself is very light compared to other earphones and suitable for long use. It produces very good bass and crystal treble.


Pros :

  • Light weight , suitable for prolonged use.
  • Premium glossy finish, quality bass and treble.



  • No cons considering the price and value for money


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#6.Soundmagic ES18S In-Ear Headphone With Mic

SM_earphones with mic under 1000

  • The SoundMagic ES18S earphone offers true vocals with premium quality bass. The truly user friendly look and feel of this earphone makes this really an appealing deal.
  • Recommended to those who want good clear sound with groovy bass. The built in mic button can be used to trigger music playback, I mean play/pause which is quite useful when you’re outdoors and also as a call receiver button.
  • Audio Jack is 90 degree bend and these earphones comes with stylish colors , black-red being my favourite.

Price – Rs 755 (Varies from 700 – 800)

Available Colours – Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Silver, Black/Green (All colours are priced different)

Pros :

  • Amazing bass with crystal clear sound, best for watching movies
  • Comfortable, secure fitting silicone earbuds
  • Good chord length


  • Build quality not as good as other earphones in this list, pretty decent though

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#7. Sony MDR-EX150AP1 In-Ear Headphones with Mic

MDR_earphones with mic under 1000

  • As expected from Sony, these headphones produce Crystal Clear Sound but the catch is you have to listen to HD music files otherwise it sounds like cheap headphones.
  • Build quality is good but thin wires make it look very delicate. Ear buds look beautiful and has a metalic shine but the silicon attracts dust a lot and I have to clean it everytime before putting it in my ears. It fits very well in the ears and are suplied with 4 silicon buds of different sizes.
  • Mic performs really well and has a very good reception. This is an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE product.

Price – Rs 1199 (Varies from Rs 999 to Rs 1499)

Available Colours – Black, Blue, Red, Special Black (All colours are priced different)

Pros :

  • In-line mic for hands free calling
  • Comfortable, secure fitting silicone earbuds.
  • Doesn’t get tangled too easily


  • Superior high quality experience only with High quality mp3.

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#8. Panasonic – RP-HBE125M Extra Bass Earphones w/Mic

Panasonic_earphones with mic under 1000

  • This is the Panasaonic earphones with mic under Rs1000. Infact this is cheap at Rs695 which is high value for money.
  • These soft ErgoFit ear buds help in having a precise fit and enhance comfort.
  • They feature Octarib speaker for quality sound which improves the headset’s sound effects.
  • It has excellent bass and the earphone itself is cute and stylish.

Price – Rs 695

Pros :

  • In-line mic for hands free calling
  • Very durable, excellent bass
  • Doesn’t get tangled too easily



  • Not tangle free.


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#9. Zoook Rocker Wristband In Ear Wired With Mic Earphones

Zook_earphones with mic under 1000

  • This one is a completely different looking earphones . Its made out of a unique material, premium black faux  leather cable and can be used as a wrist band.
  • It does a pretty good job in producing quality bass and treble. This comes 3 different sizes of Hybrid silicone ear buds. They have carefully designed 10mm high sensitivity professional driver or transducer for sonic clarity.
  • They provide high passive attenuation of ambient noise.

Price – Rs 560 (Varies from 500 – 600)

Pros :

  • Unique look, can be used as wrist band too.
  • Very durable, excellent bass
  • Excellent noise cancellation



  • Not tangle free.

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#10. Philips SHE3595BK/00 In-Ear Headphone with In-Line Mic

SHE_earphones with mic under 1000

  • This is the best Philips earphones under 1000 and it deserves to be in the top 10 list. It has an integrated microphone and call button . Its small precise speakers produce precise sound with bass.
  • The cables are rubberised for enhanced durability. It comes with 3 interchangeable ear cups for optimal fit.

Price – Rs 800

Pros :

  • Best Philips earphones under 1000
  • Very durable as the cables are extra rubberised.
  • Excellent bass.



  • Not tangle free.

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Comparing the Top 2 in this list (Earphones with Mic under 1000)-

House of Marley Smile jamaica vs 1More Piston Fit

Build, Colour options and How they look


earphones with mic under 1000earphones with mic under 1000earphones with mic under 1000

  • 1More Piston , comes in 3 eye popping colour options, Rose gold, Blue and space grey/Black, Black being the favourite.
  • Looks and feels stunning. The metal build ear buds really adds to  the premium feel of the earphone.
  • It has a pretty good amount of weight to it which feels good and fits better on your ear.



earphones with mic under 1000 earphones with mic under 1000 earphones with mic under 1000

This entry level earphone by House of Marley comes in variety of colour options to choose from . Black being the cheapest on amazon for Rs 999. The other colour options ranges from Rs 999 to Rs 1499. See it here.

The ear buds are wooden build which looks and feels unique. Even the wire looks very different from other earphones as it is made of nylon which is tangle free.



The 1MORE Piston Fit is perfectly balanced with clear highs and detailed mids, and good focus on the bass. In Chunky, the vocals and main instruments are front and centre, while the bass has a satisfying kick to it without overpowering the other frequencies even at higher volumes. For smooth songs, or soft rock,  the earphones deliver a pleasantly warm tone with clear vocals. The Piston Fit does very well with tracks that have heavy bass, and hard rock. Sub-bass is also handled well and the low-end punch doesn’t get too much. The inline remote control works well for voice calls and had no issues here. A single press, double-press and triple-press will play/ pause, fast forward, or rewind your music. A long-press will bring up your device’s voice assistant: Google Assistant on Android and Siri on iOS.

The Smile Jamaicas, like most low-cost headphones, opt for  more bass-heavy than most, but nicely follow an equal loudness contour  matching the natural sensitivity of your ear in the mids and highs. These do the best job at silencing the outside world. These earphones also come with a mic for placing calls and for play/pause music.

In brief,both earphones perform so well and its worth the price.

In fact, if given scores, it would be 9.5/10 for both 1MORE and House of Marley.



1MORE Piston Fit is available for Rs 999 for all three colour options . See it here.

House of Marley smile jamaica retails for Rs 999 for its black colour option while other options are priced higher ranging from Rs 999 to Rs 1499.  See it here.


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